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Discover the future of radio. XM Radio
Exploring the radio dial was never like this. Find the spirit and the passion that made radio fun, now reborn in all-digital sound without endless commercial interruptions. Get to know the richness and range of 121 channels of continuous programming. XM is a sonic frontier where you'll discover a new kind of radio enjoyment based on something unique: YOU.

Check out XMRadio.com to see which XM system you're ready for.

Sirius Live Studio

SIRIUS is the hottest ticket in town. It's a radio picnic without the ants. It's 61 streams of the best 100% commercial-free music and over 40 streams of sports, news and entertainment.

In all honesty, it's one of the best entertainment values on the market today.

Viper Features

Panic/Car Locator
Full alarm activates when Button 1 is held down, calling attention to the vehicle. Customer can deter a would-be assailant. This increases personal safety for the vehicle owner/operator. It also can serve as a quick and easy way to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Some systems optional.

Ignition-Controlled Door Locks
Automatically locks doors when ignition is turned on and unlocks them when ignition is turned off. This feature adds safety for vehicle occupants and increases security in threatening situations. It's great if you have kids! Requires Remote Keyless Entry-Power Door Lock interface *See Remote Keyless Entry Automatically locks doors when ignition is turned on and unlocks them when ignition is turned off. Adds safety and increased security. Great for Kids.

Parking Light Flash
When the system is activated, parking lights flash to draw attention to the vehicle. When using the remote: One flash indicates on Two flashes indicates off Three flashes indicates that the system was activated while you were away Confirmation when the system is armed or disarmed makes it easy to use.

Warn Away?
Warn Away reacts with a series of chirps and light flashes* when a light impact is detected. Warn Away delivers more accurate security, providing a response based upon the level of threat. The system will respond appropriately, with proactive protection. Note: Some optional sensors can activate Warn Away (see 508D) *Some Systems Optional Note: Optional voice modules can be used for Warn Away response.

Failsafe? Starter Kill
The vehicle's starter solenoid will remain connected unless a thief attempts to hot-wire the ignition switch. Failsafe Starter Kill keeps the vehicle where you parked it: No unauthorized user can operate your vehicle once you've armed it, even with your key. The difference between an alarm system and a security system is having this anti-theft feature. Failsafe = peace-of-mind. In some states you can qualify for a discount on your auto insurance rate. Keeps your vehicle where you parkedit. No unauthorized user can operate your vehicle once you've armed it, even with your key.

ask for more options available from Viper.

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., is the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, founded in 1978. Alpine is the only manufacturer specializing in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation products for your mobile entertainment. As a consolidated subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world's premier manufacturers of electronic components for computer, communications and car electronic equipment, Alpine is the specialized supplier of quality mobile electronics systems.

In 1980 Stillwater Designs virtually invented the high-performance car audio enclosure market when company founder and president Steve Irby developed the Original KICKER?, the first full-range speaker enclosure designed specifically for automotive use. From the day we put the power to that first KICKER, Livin' Loud has always been the KICKER way - staying one step ahead of the pack - driven to create components that consistently raise the world's expectations for car stereo performance.

Flawless build quality is an ECLIPSE priority. It’s essential for high definition sound and video reproduction and even more so with digital circuits. Keeping signals as long as possible in the digital domain requires audiophile grade circuit boards and other high-end techniques such as separate grounding for digital and analog sections, single point grounds, and independently regulated power supplies for digital and analog sections. Many custom-made components such as DACs, DSPs and parts such as closely toleranced capacitors and resistors are also used. All products are critically assessed with lab tests as well as careful listening and viewing evaluations throughout the entire development process.


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